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Dreams Casino

Dreams Casino is a superb online and mobile casino where your casino dreams can come true with the outstanding variety of casino games, which includes slot games, table games, video poker games and specialty games. To guarantee you a positive gaming experience, you are also going to be able to take advantage of great promotions which include a welcome bonus, weekly bonuses, special promotions, an exclusive rewards program and many big monthly specials. Dreams Casino is powered by one of the most prestigious casino software developers - Real Time Gaming, meaning that you will have the pleasure of playing high quality online casino games and all the safety and security that you could ask for.

Casino players from around the globe including US casino players are welcome to enjoy their favorite online casino games at Dream Casino. The wide variety of casino games are available to enjoy on three different platforms - Instant Play Casino, Download Casino and Mobile Casino. Simply choose the platform that best fits your needs and begin playing the best online casino games at Dreams Casino, and remember that one set of login details will give you access to casino platforms. Should you have any questions regarding Dreams casino, you'll find a professional and friendly customer support team ready to assist you via live chat, phone or email (available 24/7) and you will also discover a wide variety of easy to use banking methods and cashout options.

Getting Started - How to Login

There's nothing quite like the Dreams Mobile Online Casino experience. If you're new to slots and wish to try some awesome games for free, then just type in the URL and head to the landing page to locate the Instant Play option. In this one, you can play with no financial obligation and just enjoy the many slots, table games, specialty games and more that are available free of charge in the lobby. There are so many different options for gaming here that you can spend many nights without going through all of. A common method is to play for free on the website before moving on to the arguably more exciting real money games.This gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the many games; just in case you play for real money later.

In order to actually login to Dreams Mobile Casino, you have to first download the casino software and sign up. These actions will make it possible for you to create a casino account and have access to the awesome real money games that look dazzling on your smaller mobile screen. Additionally, by logging in, you allow the casino to track your accounts to deliver important news, updates, and the much sought after welcome bonus and promotions. It doesn't matter if you use Apple's iOS operating system or Google's Android, Dreams Mobile is compatible with either. Just as importantly, US Players can find a home here. We do not believe in limiting people's ability to try for cash and prizes with online gambling.Come on in and get started with your new casino account.

Upon signing up, be sure to visit the Support section after you login with your username and password; most any question you have can be answered by checking out the Dreams Mobile Casino FAQ. If there's anything outstanding that you're in the dark about, drop the casino a line or use the Live Chat option.

Mobile Casino Lobby

In the mobile casino lobby of Dreams Mobile, you've got quite the surprise in store for you. They've got slots galore; so many that it is literally impossible to play even a sizable fraction of them all even if you play all month. This is a good thing, as it means you will never want for themes from which to choose, for starters. The blue background is just the color to make you feel relaxed enough to game responsibly and with your wits securely about you.The pedigree of the online casino software is unquestioned - it's none other than Real Time Gaming for your pleasure. Check out this short list of awesome slots:

Of course, the above selection refers only to the five reel slots that are available in the mobile section; by signing up you also gain access to a multitude of table games. Some of the most popular of these are video poker, American and European roulette, blackjack and baccarat. One thing you will notice once inside is the huge variety of blackjack and poker games available; there are double and triple variants spread throughout the casino.

Most visitors at Dreams Mobile Casino remark on how smoothly the games play on the touchscreen surface of the smartphone attempt; additionally the smaller screen sizes really make the images pop out at you - even with the best eyesight, you can't make out a single pixel. With Dreams Mobile Casino, it's elite gaming from here on out; don't be one of the few online casino game players that misses out: download today and start experiencing the mobile device revolution with your favorite casino games.

Take Dreams Casino Anywhere

Dreams mobile casino allows you to play a superb selection of mobile slots and games on your handheld mobile device, and will function superbly on Android powered smartphones and tablets and all iOS mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. You'll be provided with an amazing mobile slots choice, slots that have all been optimized for mobile play and that provide great entertainment from wherever you have an internet connection. You'll also find the Dreams casino mobile cashier allows you to deposit and withdraw, and you may also contact the friendly support team, directly from your mobile. Dreams mobile casino gives you a fantastic casino option, and it's an option that many US slots players now adore!

Dreams Mobile Casino delivers a multi-faceted experience for all online gamers - whether you want to play for free, or try your luck by playing for real cash. The casino software works as well on your native mobile device as it does on desktop computer - if anything, the elite graphics look even better on the smaller surface of a tablet or smartphone.

How to Get in the Game at Dreams Mobile Casino

All you have to do to experience the stuff of dreams is head to the website and download the casino software. It is optimized for a dazzling mobile experience, and will run readily on your Apple IOS or Android operating system, so you don't need to worry much about compatibility. US Players are, of course, welcome at this equal-opportunity provider of cash and prizes - but you must have the courage to play the real cash version after whetting your appetite with the Instant Play. There are special Bonuses just for the mobile version, so even if you usually play slots and Table Games on your desktop computer, it's worth it to install the Dreams Mobile Casino, as well.

What Bonuses and Promotions are Available?

You can get $20 on your very first deposit at Dreams Mobile. This is a Slots bonus only, so be prepared to spin the reels and watch the paylines deliver when you delve in with House cash. Just sign up for your account and use the code: DREAMSMOBILE. It should work right away to give you the free cash. The Welcome Bonus is also nothing to turn your nose up at; it's a cool 200% for mobile players only, and is good for deposit amounts up to $2,000. You'd think that this would be generous enough, right? Wrong - Dreams Mobile Casino also throws in 25 Free Spins along with the Welcome Bonus. Sign up today!

Lastly, consider the following mobile bonus code: DREAMS2000. It's yours if you fund your new account with at least $25. The code itself releases an additional $20 into your account; which is just a sign of the wonderful things to come at this casino. Once you're inside, you'll be courted with more member-based Bonuses and Promotions. These come at a pretty good clip, as you'll receive notifications in your inbox for monthly specials and weekend blasts.

Dreams Mobile Games

The slots of your dreams are well-represented here. You'll find so many that it'll be impossible to play them all even in one week; so it's a good thing that as a member, you'll have as much time as you need to see which clots suit your fancy. They're all by the eminent software gaming group, Real Time Gaming, so you know you're in for a treat. Here are just a few of the dazzling slots inside:

Of course, there are also many Table Games for you - including but not limited to Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker and Baccarat. You'll fall in love with the incomparable touch-screen experience of gaming on a crisp mobile surface.

New Mobile RTG Slots

One of the best things about the drastic increase in technology over the past half decade is the availability of online slot games on the mobile platform. In particular, at Dreams Mobile Casino, you can gain access to a huge variety of such games just a few moments after you download the casino software and sign up for new account. As is the case with most of the remarkable online gaming casinos, you don't have to download the software in order to have fun and play the numerous games. The Instant Play option is available at Dreams Mobile, and can be enjoyed even on your mobile device of choice.

If you have an active presence in the online casino gaming space, then you no doubt have heard of one of the kings of slots and table games - Real Time Gaming. Most of the games in Dreams Mobile Casino were provided by the software giant. The following is just a few of the ones that you will no doubt enjoy playing well through the nights:

  • Honey to the Bee Slots: with a chance to win up to 15 free spins in the real money version of this colorful, honey-dipped slot, and the doubling of prizes that are in attendance with the free games, this is definitely one of the ones you should consider trying out once you get to Dreams Mobile Casino. It is a very bright happy-go-lucky slot, and you can find out everything you need to know about the symbols and their values in the games pay table. The big jackpot is awarded randomly, which means you can win at any point in the game - furthermore, it is added to your pre-existing tally. How does 40,000 times your initial bet sound? Now you know why so many others play…
  • Tiger Treasures Slots: Welcome to Tiger Treasures Slots, which has five reels and 20 pay lines. The theme is a hallmark of southeast Asia and is set in ancient Buddhist temple that harbors untold riches and wealth. Similarly to the Lord of the Rings' golden dragon Smaug, there is a Giant Asiatic tiger that guards the wealth and bides your time for the arrival of the huge random jackpot - assuming you're lucky enough to hit it. In the meantime, you can win free games by striking the right combination of symbols across the screen. The betting starts at a penny per line and ends at a maximum of five dollars per payline. The top prize is 4500 coins. Download today and see what's in store for you using the Ruby and Sapphire symbols in Tiger Treasures Slots.
  • Lucky Last Slots:This wondrous thematic slots has five reels and 25 pay line for the avid online casino game. It is steeped in mysticism, and takes you back to ancient Irish lore when leprechauns, mushrooms, and magic rainbows with pots of gold dominated the countryside. It provides you with the ability to win seven free games, multipliers and free spins on the way to a possible progressive Jackpot bonus. If you play all the pay lines, then you can bet a maximum of $125 per spin. Don't miss else on this video slot that has special meaning combinations all lined up for the lucky player to tap into. Download and play Lucky Last Slots today.
  • Texan Tycoon Slots: Anyone who is interested in the Wild Wild Wes is almost certainly familiar with the Texan Tycoon. These lucky families of yesteryear struck it rich with black gold in a time of national prosperity coming out of the West. In the background of the theme and see giant oil rates drilling deep into the earth for the font to black gold; hopefully you can be invited to the land of riches if the right symbols lineup and pay out well. With five reels and 25 pay lines this slot is a bit bigger than average and so provides a lot of different ways to win. The random progressive Jackpot it potentially offers does nothing to sneeze at, either. The active pay lines are variable, which means you can play any number between one and 25 inclusive. With a prize of 50,000 times your bet, the scatter symbol and bonus game are a welcome sites to improve your chances to win download Texan Tycoon Slots today.

Bitcoin Banking

The first decade of the 2000s will be remembered as the cryptocurrency revolution. Heralded by Bitcoin, it ushered in a new age of digital currency, where online casino gamers and many other outfits were no longer constrained by the rules of fiat currency. Indeed, Bitcoin saw a huge resurgence in 2017, in which the currency leads from several dollars to an incredible high of $20,000 per Bitcoin. Many small fortunes were made by those who got in early. The currency was first conceived by a little-known Japanese programmer by the name of the Satoshi Nakamoto, in an effort to remove the monopoly power of the banking system. This happened in the year 2009; since then, Bitcoin has grown to dominate as a method of deposit and withdrawal in the best and brightest online gaming casinos.

You might have remembered some noise about BTC back then, especially if you were in college. Many young tech students used to harvest Bitcoin and use it to buy college dorm stuff like pizzas and concert tickets; if only they had foreseen its meteoric rise in value, they would have held onto the digital dollars.

How Does Bitcoin Work?

The primary benefit of Bitcoin is its capacity for open-source updating and use. Primarily, this means that none of the governments of the world have control over it; every time Bitcoin is used, the so-called ledgers of every individual owner is updated to reflect the change. It involves some heady mathematics and cannot be gamed or artificially influenced. It rests on the ironclad mathematics of the Blockchain and satisfies one of the crucial requirements for a form of payment to be delineated as viable currency: there's a limited supply. Although Bitcoin can be mined with a computer, there is an absolute maximum number that will be delivered within about a decade. By that time, anyone in possession of Bitcoin will own a historical piece of property that will continue to gain value because of its rarity. It is possible to win Bitcoin while playing for money at your favorite online casinos.

The Nature of the Bitcoin Fork and the Rise of Bitcoin Cash

For reasons beyond the scope of this article about Bitcoin banking, cryptocurrencies sometimes split in an action called a "fork." In fact, the relatively new Bitcoin Cash as a result of one of these forks. Many of the same casinos that accept the original digital currency also accepts this recent one. It rose artificially from the recent success of its parents crypto, and serves as a viable alternative for casino game is just getting into these forms of payments and compensation.

Litecoin Rises

The top cryptocurrencies include Litecoin, which is sometimes used either as an alternative to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, or in conjunction with them. It's been around nearly as long as Bitcoin for banking, having had its debut in 2011. The fate of this crypto coin seems inextricably intertwined with Bitcoin, and you can use it as many online casinos for deposits and withdrawals. Usually, however, the more common method is to first use an exchange to convert Litecoin into Bitcoin, and then use the more widely-accepted BTC. Generally speaking, the single advantage that Litecoin has over BTC and BCH (Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash) is that the transaction times are smaller - it can, essentially, be processed more quickly.

The Fastest Way to Start Banking with Bitcoin

There are, currently, a handful of exchanges at which you can reliably obtain Bitcoin using fiat currency. The most popular is Coinbase; by creating an account here, you can quickly purchase Bitcoin at the market rate - whatever this happens to be at the time of purchase. Use either your bank account, credit card or other listed form of payment to initiate a transfer.

Next, make sure to register on Blockchain.info, so that you can obtain a secure crypto-wallet. Never give this wallet password to anyone; if you do, they will now control your Bitcoin and will lock you out of it - there's no way to recover this once it's done. Furthermore, the wallet facilitates all future transactions that you will conduct with merchants online. Make a deposit today using Bitcoin, and see how much smoother transactions can be when you use Bitcoin at Dreams Mobile Casino.


Who doesn't like promotions - especially when they appear in the casino gaming space? They are, after all, one of the auxiliary reasons that you play, right? So as to take advantage of casino offers that allow you to keep on playing with House cash, only to keep your winnings at the end. The extra money really lets you get the most bag for your buck and can potentially keep a winning streak going interminably depending on how lucky you get. It's a game of odds, and the more you play (responsibly, of course) the better your chances of winning.

The Dreams Mobile Casino Welcome Bonus gets you off to a nice start; just make a deposit (the minimum or higher) in order to receive some casino money to add to your tally. The best part is, you can take advantage of these bonuses on your desktop pc or your mobile device of choice. Once inside, you'll find Match Bonuses that tumble down from almost everywhere as you play more and more frequently, prolonging any winning streaks you happen to be having, or staving off any losing streaks that might have currently befallen you.

Additionally, you will find Reload Bonuses inside as part of the promotional suite of bonus offers, as well as a code-activated DREAMS2000 offer that can reward you with 200% of a $2000 maximum deposit. Obviously, there would need to be a finite cap to such as mesmerizing bonus! Thus, if you put in $170 into your casino account, then you would expect an impressive $510 once the code is entered and accepted. It all goes towards your favorite slots, too, so you may very well be able to use the extra cash to cash out on some of the many Wilds and Scatters that lead to big wins. It's a game of luck and perseverance, and tonight just might be your lucky night.

There's also a bonus that's reserved only for loyal Dreams Mobile Casino gamers; with this one, you can luck into a nifty $1000 with every single approved deposit that you make into your casino account. As for how to receive information on this and other offers as they show up, just make sure that you've signed up and have a working casino email account at which to receive the necessary newsletters and announcements that will contain the details of your apotheosis. By taking advantage of as many of these deals as you can, you will reach your final form in the land of online casino offers, and be compelled perhaps to even join the VIP Rewards Clubs to really be playing with power.

No Deposit Bonuses for Mobile Players

One of the most intriguing recent developments in the online casino gaming arena is the no deposit bonus possibilities that are available for mobile players and PC desktop players alike. Dreams Mobile Casino is one of the few popular gaming halls that have recently adopted this feature; in it, you get to start out playing in the free mode and then graduate towards becoming a full-fledged member via entrance into the lobby. With the no deposit bonus, you are privy to cash amounts with which to play your favorite slots and table games without even making a deposit - the name strongly implies.

Just imagine the shot at winning big cash prizes the fabulous slots created by their primary casino games provider, Real Time Gaming. There's a reason why RTG has been an industry stalwart for decades now, and why Dreams Mobile Casino happily continues to allow them to form the backbone of the games library. The major benefit of a no deposit mobile bonus is how it rewards you just for using your tablet, phone, or other ultrabook-type of apparatus to play the wonderful slots and table games that Dreams Mobile has to offer. It is with enticing offers such as these that helps keep your gaming dreams alive and well.


Tournament play at Dreams Mobile Casino is everything you would have expected - and more. It's enjoyable beyond your wildest dreams if you're an avid casino gamer, and there's a wealth of new players flooding in all the time against whom to test your talent and luck. Although you probably think of the table game poker whenever you hear tournaments, these days, there are many more slots being played as the reels become ever more popular. In fact, the Slots tournaments at Dreams Mobile tend to dominate the arena, and you will have no problem finding space to play.

As far as the particulars of a tournament are concerned, they proceed as normal: download the casino software to sign up for an account, since free play is not allowed in the tournament. After all, how would the other gamers feel about putting up cash against someone with nothing to lose but everything to gain? Enjoy free play in the Instant Play mode, before you download and enter the competitive, risky space of tournaments.

Once you begin, you will be allotted credits for the particular slot game of your choice (out of the presented few). The amount of the pot varies, of course, depending on whether you're entering a daily tournament, weekly or monthly one. You are tasked with using up all your credits within a certain amount of time, with any unused hands being lost - there are no rollovers in tournament play. The actual payout schedule is listed prominently for all to see, so that there are no surprises. An example of how it can proceed in Dreams Mobile is the following:

  • Most credits might win $1000 for example
  • Second most credits might win $500
  • Third most credits might take home $300

Although you'll find some online casino offer free entry into the tournament play, others such as Dreams Mobile require a small entry fee in order to make a considerable amount of money available in the pot. This way, they can take advantage of the huge numbers of people that consistently frequent this casino, since the size of the pot is dependent on the number of entrants and how much they are willing to put up. The Dreams Mobile Casino staff has tweaked the offer at times, and found that gamers would much rather have a larger pot available than free entry. The big prize pool simply raises the stakes and the commensurate excitement involved.

Given the basic rules of resource allocation in the beginning, the method of giving yourself the best chance at the prize pot is fairly straightforward: spin, spin, spin! Remember, you have to use up all your credits before the time runs out, so your best bet is to spin as quickly as you can. The very nature of luck could care less how slow or how fast you spin the slot reels; you just need to get rid of the credits for a better chance at landing five of a kind for the big win.

You will find, usually, that the most popular slots as determined by the casino analytics are the ones that end up in the tournaments. This make sense, of course, and benefits you tremendously, since it means many people will almost certainly show up to play and put up some cash. Year of Fortune Slots is a good bet, as is Naughty or Nice Spring Break Slots and Aztec's Treasure. As always, it may be a good idea to try some of these in free mode to bolster your understanding of the paylines, symbols and expert-prescribed method of maximizing your chances. Welcome to Dreams Mobile Casino tournament play.


Bonuses, promotions and rewards are some of the reasons you play online at all. Well, Dreams Mobile Casino has these in droves and can be accessed by signing up in earnest - which means playing with real money. By way of introduction to the casino, your first deposit is answered by the casino with a $20 welcome bonus for slots alone. This first little reward is merely meant to slate your thirst; there's more on the way the longer you play.

If you sign up and play using your mobile device (smartphone or tablet, then you will receive a $25 welcome bonus. Furthermore, the offer gets better; for mobile using the code DREAMS2000, you'll receive a 200% Match Bonus for amounts up $2000. Additionally, there's an extra 25 Free Spins in it for you. Recall that there are even more Rewards once you're actually a member and inside the casino lobby. There's nothing extra that you have to do to activate these rewards; they simply tumble into your casino account email announcing the daily, weekly and monthly special promotions as they are approved by the top brass.

The word is that Dreams Mobile Casino is considering establishing an actual Rewards Club soon; by downloading the casino software and signing up, you will be among the first t be notified the minute such a club becomes available and competition points are a possible feature.

Dreams Mobile Casino Banking/Support

There are plenty of payment options here as well. You can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, wire transfer, Click2Pay, Neteller, and many bank-related options. As examples, bank draft, debit card and cashier's checks are all valid. If you have any questions or comments, Dreams Mobile offers round-the-clock service and can be reached via email and phone. What are you waiting for? Download the casino software now, claim your bonus, and start playing the slots and Table Games.