Asgard Slots

When the Gods of Valhalla get angry, beware world! Asgard slots take players to a virtual paradise of Norse and Viking themes. The mythology that has thrilled generations is brought vividly to life here with this exceptional, movie-like game. The animations and graphics do Justice to the Gods; Odin, Frigg, Loki, and Thor. These four Gods of Valhalla are the central characters of Asgard slots. In true Viking tradition, players can expect action, adventure, danger and an excellent slot experience with plenty of bonuses, free spins, and casino features. The wagering is pleasant and wide-ranging, offering a good choice of wagering options. The Vikings reign of terror began around 700 A.D, lasting up until 1100 A.D. let's take a look at Asgard, and find out what all the fuss is about, shall we?

Wagering Vikings

The wagering takes place on five reels, with 50 Isy lines. The one coin value is $0.10; however, there is the option of placing ten coins on each of the 50 pay lines. Minimum wagering, with one coin, at the lowest value, amounts to $0.50 per spin. Betting maximum coins sets players back by $15. Wagering maximum coins increases the probabilities of winning a higher payout, so that's something to keep in mind when wagering.

Viking Symbols & Norse Icons

Asgard slots have a wealth of great game icons portraying Viking characteristics. The ninth world is populated by Norse Gods. You get the four Gods with their symbols; Odin, Frigg, Thor, and Odin. There is a Bonus logo symbol acts as the Scatter, a Valhalla symbol, and a Wild Logo symbol. Besides the individually crafted picture icons, the game also uses high card values, numbers 9 and 10, along with letters; J, Q, K, and A.

Asgard Heavenly Bonuses & Free Spins

Asgard slots offer players a plethora of beautiful and exciting bonuses. There are so many great features, and it's hard to know where to start! The action takes place against the backdrop of a mountain, with a mature landscape, with the reels superimposed onto that great background, which makes excellent eye candy. To trigger the bonuses, players will need to land three Scatter Bonus symbols on the reels. Once into the round, there is a choice of bonuses with different benefits and features. It is up to the player to select an option. All have beneficial advantages and play the game long enough, and they can all be tried out. The Valhalla feature offers 30 Free Spins, and impressive morphing wins. Then there is the Thunder God Bonus, which gives out 25 Free Spins, and a mixture of multipliers and Wilds. The Goddess Bonus offers players 10 Free Spins. Besides the Spins, players get a 3x multiplier. The Loki Bonus feature provides extra Wilds and 20 Free Spins.

Free Spins of the Gods

The bonus above rounds offers free spins, with multipliers, reappearing Wilds, and re-triggers. The free spins add that final ingredient that compliments the wagering and can add to the excitement of winning a huge payout.

Asgard Mobile Version

Asgard has a fully optimised and modified version of the game for mobile gaming. It works efficiently on tablets and smartphones, both iOS, and Android versions. Asgard slots can be downloaded, or enjoyed in the comfort of Instant Play, where no waiting or downloading is necessary. Instant Play and mobile gaming go together like salt and pepper!

Asgard Summary

Asgard is everything a slot should be; exciting, full of adventure and multiple bonuses leading to several ways to win a payout. The theme is a beautiful concoction and invention. The wagering is broad-ranging enough to be of interest to all kinds of players. The real beauty of the game lies in the bonuses, which abound and spread spice and excitement all around. The massive 50 pay lines make up for the limited choice of coin values, so the wagering is still varied and exceptionally exciting, as is the whole gameplay. Asgard delivers on all fronts; wagering, entertainment, action, unique features, and multiple payouts! Accept the challenge of the Gods, enter the ninth world, the world of Asgard!