Bunko Bonanza Slots

If you know a thing or two about dice, you might already be aware what a Bunko Bonanza is. Bunko dice feature in this slot game from RTG, so you will soon get the hang of how everything works. Even if you have never played a real game featuring bunko dice before, there is no need to worry. We've reviewed this game and played it as well, so we've got all the details you need.

Bunko Bonanza reels and win lines

Five reels and 20 lines - that is a combination that features heavily in the RTG slots collection. This is another game that adheres to that format.

Coin values

One cent per line is good enough to take part in this game. You can also head way higher to reach the $5 maximum on each line.

Are there special symbols in play?

The wild may not look the way you expect it to, since it is shown as a desktop bell. This can replace most things, but it will not substitute for the bunko dice. These can appear on the first, third, and fifth reels of the game, and have a feature of their own to share with you.

Bonus feature possibilities

Can you find those bunko dice appearing on each of the odd-numbered reels in this slot? If so, a generous 21 free spins will be yours. Look at the numbers on the dice that triggered the games. These will reveal how big the multiplier will be on anything you manage to win in those games. You will always receive a 2x multiplier at least, but it might be far better, reaching 6x at most.

The wild bells can also show up in those spins. If they do, the multiplier relating to a wild prize will be a huge 12x.

Download and play the Bunko Bonanza slot game now

This is a cool game, one of several based around dice and similar games. It makes sense to feature dice in a slot game, even though it might seem an odd combination at first. The dice certainly prove useful here as does the wild, but the overall gameplay is very appealing as well.

Bunko Bonanza has some nice prizes on offer if you manage to spin the best combinations into play. Let's hope the luck is on your side as you watch for the dice to appear.