Cai Bling Slots

This is one of the most Chinese games you will find. If you love Southeast Asia, this will delight you! It has colorful graphics, good production values, and takes its imagery from Chinese culture. It combines this with the lovely progressive jackpot, a nice bonus feature, and 243 lines that you can bet on. There isn't much that this game does wrong. If you enjoy Asian themed games, you will add it to your list immediately. If not, this may be the game that finally changes your mind! It looks and plays that well.

Well Rounded Features

One of our favorite features about this game all the graphics. Lovely Chinese dragons, delicate lotus flowers, the traditional lucky cat, Chinese ornate bowls, and suits of cards such as the 10, nine, Jack, ace, queen, and king all round out what you can match. The suits of cards still look good, and fit in perfectly despite not being from the same culture. We wish they would have used kanji, but it still works well enough that we give them a pass. Everything has been expertly illustrated to the highest standard you can find. If there's a better looking Asian themed game out there, there aren't many of them!

The coin sizes are what you would expect from real time gaming, going from one penny to $.50 each. You can put these across the 243 lines. Our preferred way to player is betting just one penny, changing the lines we bet on, and still having many lines in total that we are betting on so that when the progressive jackpot shows up, we win it! No matter how you decide to play, however, you'll get a chance to win the free games feature, which will shower you with free spins as if you were at a festival of lights!


If we can change one thing about this game, it would have been to simply add in more images to the reels. We love what they have on offer, but having some nice kanji samples, or anything of the kind, would have gone along way. We also think it would have been equally as easy, as they are able to use fonts for that. Other than that, there is little to complain about with as well rounded and well-made game. Whether you are playing for fun, playing for real money, and on any mobile device, you will love it!