Emperor Panda Slots

Emperor Panda Slots

DreamWorks itself as a studio is usually thought of as the discount Disney, the Walmart to its Macy's. This game is similar, taking kung fu panda as an example, and giving you their rendition of it. They manage to make a better version of it here, however. This version looks great, plays wonderfully, and has a charisma to it that the film sometimes lacked. If you want some thing that will make you smile, and don't have any issues with animals, it will soon be one of your favorite games!

Great Art

This Chinese themed game has a lot going for it, and lets you match all kinds of things that are lovingly illustrated. There was a red panda, a lovely bird, a normal black and white panda, the queen of cards, a deadly tiger, a cunning monkey, the king of cards, the ace of spades, a jack of cards, the nine of cards, the 10 of cards, and a golden paw. We are not sure how the paw worked its way in alongside everything else, but it is the ideal thing to match, along side the panda.

The bonus rounds here also are plentiful, just as much as the variety and what you can match. We have a free games feature, a jackpot emerald expanding reel's feature which gives you more reels to play on, and the jackpot emerald feature. The middle feature is our favorite, making the game more interesting and affecting its mechanics. Not many games offer this, making it a lot more entertaining whenever it shows up. Of all the features, it's one of our favorite across any game, and we wish more slot machines would add it!

Betting Mechanics

You can play any way you would like, as long as you put down at least one penny for a coin. You can max out at around a dollar for a coin, which across the 50 lines, makes your maximum bet $50. You can only have one coin per line, making the math fairly easy to figure out. There are no progressive jackpots here, so the closest you can get is putting down a dollar for a coin. We recommend doing so to win the most!

Alongside of all that, you have the usual high production values from real time gaming, and it all runs well on all mobile devices. Play for fun or real money!