Dancing Wins Slots

This game is one of the few around in any genre about disco. It is a love letter to the 1970s, sent straight to the heart. It is also one of the prettiest games you'll find, and has a lot of personality to it. It exudes charisma, and makes you feel like the images are dancing off of the screen. When you add in some good gameplay mechanics, you are in for a good time! It is one of our stand out hits of the year, and for us personally came out of nowhere. It will surprise you too if you give it a chance.

Matching Symbols

You can match all kinds of different symbols here, each of which has somewhat of an homage to the 1970s. There are oversized headphones, lovely disco dancers, a shiny disco ball, a musical turntable, a tape recorder, a long microphone, a festive guitar, and psychedelic sunglasses. It's hard to believe that we ever wore things like this! But we did, and we all thought we looked great at the time. They presented it here in a very flattering light, making them look better than we probably did.

The betting amounts are what you would usually expect from real time gaming. There are 50 lines in total to bet on, with a maximum amount being $50 dollars. This makes the most you can have a bet at one time $50. They also have a free games feature, which is your go to way to win free spins. This makes the ideal batting strategy be to wait for the free spins to show up, then put down more money per coin. This will keep your winnings high, and maximize the freeness of it all!

Play for Fun or Real Money

Playing for real money is our preferred way, but if you enjoyed demo mode, you can also play for fun. This requires no investment on your part, and you don't even need to make an account. As long as you are there, and it loads, it will default to demo mode. This is a great way to get a feel for the game, and enjoy the graphics. When you run out of money, you can also enjoy it as a way to relax and still extend your play time. There are far worse things to do, and it's better than most mobile games!