Swindle all the Way Slots

Swindle all the Way is a cops and robbers themed slot. Rather, the neighbourhood watch versus the burglars. The objective of the game is to thwart the burglars and stop them from robbing every house in the block. The game turns the cops and robbers theme on its head! The burglars will try to steal from homes while the owners are away on holiday. They will try every trick in the book to gain access to the riches to be found in the suburban neighbourhood. The slot itself has excellent casino unique features incorporated into the game. Furthermore, there's a high payout of 33x the wager in the Bonus round. Imagine the scene; a cold winter night, around the festive season, and the dead of night, that's where the action takes place. Let's enter the neighbourhood and try and stop those darned burglars at any cost, with success and a high payout the reward for stopping the robbers once and for all.

Inside the Neighbourhood

The burglar symbols are the Wilds of the game, and the game title logo is the Scatter. Use them correctly, and they will lead to a high payout! The Wild can and will replace other symbols as it appears on the reels. In doing so, it will create winning combinations. The only symbol the Wild cannot replace is the Scatter Logo. Besides the more potent symbols, Swindle all the Way has some standard symbols that are just as original and innovative as the powerful ones. They include the robbers' red loot bag, a barking dog, a Christmas stocking, milk and cookies for Santa, and a newspaper with the headlines; A Jailbreak. Besides the picture icons, the game includes high card values; numbers 9 and 10, and picture cards; Jack, Queen, King, and the Ace card.

The Setting in the Snow

The reels are on display, superimposed onto a suburban, red brick house, presumably where the burglary is taking place. The house is decorated for Christmas, with presents strewn here, there, and everywhere, a full moon is shining in the night sky, illuminating everything in its path. Festive and Christmas tunes accompanied the gameplay, providing an unmissable festive atmosphere to accompany the betting.

Wagering & Swindling

Swindle all the Way offers a broad spectrum of wagering options. These are due to the mechanics of the game. There are 5-reels and 25 adjustable pay lines upon which players can affect bets. Coin values start from a low $0.01, per coin. The minimum bet is $0.01, rising to $0.25, betting on all the pay lines. The maximum bet per spin increases to a respectable $6.25 per spin. Novices can take it slow and easy by using the minimum amounts, yet high rollers can't complain either, at $6.25 per spin, adding up quite a bit with 20 or 30 spins per minute. The AutoPlay button is a useful addition, mainly if betting minimum amounts. The other game buttons are useful and intuitive, allowing complete customisation of the game, and wagering process. The buttons can be found on screen, for quick and easy access.

Swindling Bonuses & Features

The bonus features are fantastic! There appears a set of windows on the screen. Players will need to choose three windows on each reel. Some of the windows show burglars breaking in, or out of a house, and players will need to decide, to see what prizes lay hidden behind them. One chance is offered, allowing players to catch the robber in the act! Access to this Bonus Round is courtesy of landing 3 Scatter symbols on the reels. Players will have five chances at all, to catch a robber on each level of the house. However, if four Scatters happen to trigger the round, instead of just three, then players will have two chances per level, increasing the chances of finding the robbers in the act of burgling the house. Every time players see the villains in the act, the players win Free Spins, along with a high paying multipliers. The round is fascinating and engaging, an unmissable chance to win a payout of some sort. The free spins awarded range from 3 to 60! and the multiplier from zero to 33x the wager! If three or more Scatter symbols land on the reels during the bonus round, an additional ten free spins are awarded.

Progressive Jackpots

Swindle all the Way incorporates two progressive jackpots; the minor jackpot, and the major jackpot. The former starts at $250, the latter starts from $1,000. Both rise considerably as players contribute a small amount each time they wager. The pots soon increase to extremely high amounts before finally being claimed by a lucky player, who could be you! Both the jackpots can be won at random, after every spin. Nevertheless, betting maximum amounts increases the chances of winning either of them.

Mobile Swindling

Swindle all the Way has a lovely mobile version of the game, which has been specially optimised and modified for mobile gaming. It certainly delivers bright and sharp images and the graphics are faithfully recreated and just as effective as the PC version. The game will work on most modern mobile devices, tablets and smartphones, iOS, and Android versions. The game is available to download, or in Instant Play mode, for maximum convenience.


Swindle all the Way slots beats most of the competition hands down. The two progressive jackpots ensure there is a high level of anticipation and excitement for players of the game. The symbols and theme blend perfectly to recreate a world of burglars, robbers, police and crime. The wagering process is smooth and easy to use, thanks to the bright buttons controlling the game. Many special casino features are gracing the game, which never falters and always entertains. Try out the cheeky and mischievous slot that is Swindle all the Way. You can't go wrong, and the game can put you right with a high payout or jackpot win!