Dragon Orb Slots

Dragon's Orb Slots serves up a virtual paradise of casino action incorporated into a fantastic and impressive theme. Dragon's and treasure, adventures and quests, it is all here. The game has a familiar layout, with 5-reels and ten pay lines. The clear-cut gaming is complemented by the atmosphere created by the theme, symbols, backdrop and unique features incorporated into Dragon's Orb. The age-old battle between good and evil persists with the Dragon versus your good self! Your sacred quest involves stealing the magic orb from the fire-breathing, and terrifying dragon. Complete the task, and you will win a dragon's fortune of 250x your wager. Let's see how this can come about, shall we?

Beating the Dragon by Wagering

The only way to defeat the fearsome dragon is to understand the wagering process and use that knowledge to beat him, by stealing the Orb. The single coin size is $0.10; however, players can place up to 5 coins on each of the ten pay lines, bringing the maximum limit up to a respectable $5 per spin. The wagering is only part of the fun and excitement. The bonuses on offer are there to add more chances to win. Let's have a look at those.

The Dragon's Iconic Symbols

The game uses some innovative game symbols such as the cauldron, the dragon, candles and a scroll and a dwelling with an amount of gold in front. They are all very imaginative and inventive, and so add that extra magical touch to the game. There is also the Wild Orb symbol, which is the most important and useful one.

Dragon's Magic Features

Dragon's Orb Slots has a Wild symbol, aptly represented by the magic Orb. It has the magical powers to replace the other symbols in the game, thereby creating winning combinations. The Wild can land on reels 2, 3 and 4. Should the Wild appear on the inner reel, it will expand to cover the whole reel, and the symbols around will magically transform into winning combos. If the Orb symbol reappears during the round, it will give out more free spins.

Prize for the Mission: Jackpots

Dragon's Orb has two innovative jackpots players can aim to win; the minor, and the major jackpots. Both are progressive, and the minor starts at $250, and the major at $1,000. They usually inflate and increase as each player contributes towards the shared pool. They can both be won randomly, however, betting maximum coins improves the chances of winning it. The jackpot amounts are shown on the screen so that one can see the exact numbers of both pots.

Defeating the Dragon & Stealing the Orb

The storyline of Dragon's Orb is engaging and adventurous. Players get to experience an immersive and superlative gaming experience. There are so many chances to win, that it would be a shame not to try it out. The symbols and theme are immersive and atmospheric, creating a unique and unforgettable gaming experience. Discover the magic of the Orb. Accept the challenge of stealing the Orb from the Dragon, and the maximum game payout is your prize and reward. Enjoy Dragon's Orb on your mobile to experience the full force of the game while on the move. That will increase the excitement and improve the experience.