Achilles Deluxe Slots

Achilles Deluxe Slots

If the gods and heroes of old knew that they would one day be the subject of an online slot machine game, I wonder if they would have taken the time to list how they would like to be presented! This game does a great job of it, and we are sure they would be pleased. For everyone else that is a player, you have a good historical slot that does the era justice. There aren't many things we would change about it, having a wide variety of features, free games that seem to land all the time, and good betting amounts for everyone. When you add to that a progressive jackpot, you can't lose!

Matches Fit for the Time

The things you can match here vary across-the-board. You have suits a playing card such as the 10, the nine of cards, the jack of cards, the queen of cards, aces, and kings, as well as Achilles himself, Helen of troy, Troy, shields, and assorted artifacts of the era are here as well. This is alongside the user interface, which goes along way to capture the time. Everything looks like it would be faithful to what things look back then, with a little bit of modern touch to make it look polished. It's one of the more authentic looking games.

The amount you spend it is up to you. If you are going to be timid and only put down pennies, that's fine too. Coin sizes start at a penny, and you can play it for fun on pennies for as long as your wallet can hold out. The progressive jackpot on the top favors that style of play, making it popular among many new players. If you're more experience, however, you will put down five dollars for a coin. Across the 20 lines, this makes the most you can bet at around $100. Should you be playing and win the wild free games feature, this will extend that even further, giving you multiple chances to use your maximum bet to its fullest advantage.

Standard Otherwise

Everything else about this game is what you would come to expect from real time gaming. If you want to play in demo mode, you can do so for fun without anything else needed. If you want to experience what the game has to offer a mobile devices, it will run well on android and iOS as well.