Frog Fortunes Slots

If you want the best looking frog game ever made, regardless of the platform, this is it! It takes amazingly well done graphics, ludicrously high coin sizes, and combines them together with a large number of lines. It also has more than one bonus feature, each of them being unique, fun, and fresh. It is the best game about frogs ever made across the board of any game, not even just slot machine games. It looks so good that we are surprised it was not taken from some kind of feature film. If any of that entices you, this is the game to play!

Sky High Betting Amounts

For starters, the coin sizes go ridiculously high. You can get up to $75, and even $150 for just one coin. That is unheard of in other games. You can also bet across the 243 lines, which will give you a lot to think about as you are playing. This makes the maximum bet for any single spin $150. This is great, and will have the highrollers out there rejoicing. Alongside how great the graphics look, it's all a pleasure to play.

You can match many different things, including lovely red gems, silky blue frogs, bombs, pink gems that glow, green frog bombs, pink frog bombs, slippery snakes, flapping birds, green gems, lovely turtles, a red frog bomb, blue gems, and a pangolin. They all are expertly drawn, and fit the theme perfectly. That feels weird to say about a game about frogs, but it is true. It's the best looking one out there, even competing with other games that have nothing to do with frogs at all.


On top of all of that, you have multiple bonus features to keep you entertained. The cascading wins feature acts exactly like it sounds. The frog bombs feature fills up the board with winnings. This all takes place on a board that is not standard at all. The way they have organized the number of reels is very unique. They also have 243 lines for you to bet on, which is equally unique. It's a game you can play for fun, or play for real money, and you'll still have a good time. You can also try mobile play if you have an iOS or android device, and it will look great there too. There's no place this game doesn't look and play great, and no place you can't enjoy it!