Trigger Happy Slots

This game is almost an anime of a slot machine about the wild west. Everything has a similar look to it that you might find in something from Asia, only redone for the Western market. There is a lot of sex appeal here, as well as intricately done graphics with high production values. There are many games to compare this to, making it stand out as well. From the progressive jackpots to the infinite number of bonus rounds, there is also a lot to keep you entertained. If you want one of the best Vegas Slots a Round, and like the old west, this is the one to play!

What You Can Match

You can match all kinds of colorful goodies here, including the queen of cards, a nine of cards, a jack on a card, the 10 of cards, cowboy boots, a saloon, shiny sheriff badges, a lovely blonde cowgirl, just as nice redheaded cowgirl, a king of cards, a western cactus, an ace of cards, a good old fashion cowboy, and a nice horse. It all adds to the western look, and feels right at home together. The way the graphics are drawn it also looks and feels fresh.


Additionally, the money bonus rounds will keep you busy and having a good time. If you get the redheaded cowgirl feature, as opposed to the blonde cowgirl future, you'll have different winnings and rewards that come your way. They mainly differ between whether you get free spins, or are gifted with some wilds. We enjoy both, and think that they have their place. You can also get the trigger-happy feature, which will give you multipliers, or the lucky feature, which will have winnings come up on the board more often. If you are super lucky, you can technically get them all to activate and turn, which is a thrilling ride to be had!

Aside from all that, you will have the coin sizes that go up to one dollar, 30 lines to bet on, and a nice progressive jackpot on the top. It's a great way to rack up some money, betting in smaller amounts to win the progressive jackpot, and coming in for larger amounts after you activate one of the bonus features. It encourages you to bet at both ends, which is unheard of for most games. If this sounds at all interesting, give it a try and see what you think!