Vegas Lux Slots

Most games nowadays are very complicated, intricate, and wonderful to look at. There are some downsides to all of that, however. It can be hard to sit down at a game, not have to think about anything, and have a good time. This game takes you back to a simpler time in Vegas, while keeping many of the popular features from new games. It has a high number of lines to bet on, great graphics, and imagery that is an homage to what made slot machines great when they were founded. If you want something that is classically sound, this game is it!


Starting with the things you can match, there are many lovely show girls of various kinds, clubs, hearts, spades, a free games symbol, diamonds, you as a player in your own little virtual Vegas avatar, a diamond, wilds, sevens, and your lucky cherries. These are some of the symbols that Vegas used to have, combined with some of the more modern additions and what they have been changed to. It all looks great, and makes you remember what it was like to be on the strip before the pandemic!

The number of lines you can bet on is also skyhigh. 720 is many orders of magnitude higher than anything you will see elsewhere. The coin sizes here start at one penny, and go to a dollar each. This makes for a good betting amount if you're willing to take the extended risks. You could have 1 to 5 coins per line. If you activate the free games feature, you will also be given a chance to win additional money without having to put any extra down at the time. It is truly a win-win prospect, and we love it.

Fun Times

On top of that, it is a great game to play for fun. You don't always need to take big risks to have a good time. You can spend many a leisurely afternoon just spinning this game and enjoying yourself. Playing for real money is also fun, but there is room for everybody and all your different play styles.

Mobile player also shines with this games. Whether you are on an Apple iPhone, iPad, or Google android phone or tablet, you're going to find that the game looks great, and plays fine. Anywhere you can play it, it succeeds!